Just to make things clear.
I had to change my plans in September, when I was still in Croatia.

My brother called me saying he would get married in May and, because of that, I changed my itinerary.

Note: his married didn't happen - of course. Covid-19 came and changed our world. 

So…I decided to stay in Europe and visit my friends.

Germany, Holland and now Portugal.

I went again to Lisbon, this beautiful city full of surprises – especially for Brazilians.

Lisbon is charming.
Amazing geography, food that remind us our Terra Brasilis food, the language that gives us comfort and – sure – attractive prices if you compare with Europe prices.

I already knew the city and you can check some posts here on the blog.

This time, I went to visit one of my best friends. It was almost 20 days of a lot of love, total relaxation, focus on work and the feeling of “feel at home”.

This is very important – when you are traveling around the world alone, nothing can be better than a familiar face. Because of it, I didn’t do any tourism, I didn’t feel pressured to explore – what I had already seen.

It was a time to slow down and prepare myself for the next journey.

We are in November 2019.
The year that entered my history as the best year of my life.

Thank you to everyone involved.

See you soon, where I will remember my adventures in Romania.

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